Non-Discrimination Policy

This policy applies to everyone who is directly or not directly associated with our company.

Each client of our company has the right to get equal attitude and career opportunities, and excludes illegal discriminatory practices, including harassment. In this regard, we expect that all relations between people in the company will be free from discrimination, prejudice and harassment.

We have developed this policy in order to provide all employees with the opportunity to work in an atmosphere free from harassment for reporting policy violations, discrimination and harassment. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all individuals affected by these policies know that any complaint about a violation of these policies will be reviewed and handled accordingly.

Any differences in the people’s sex, gender, religion, age should not and cannot be used as a basis for exclusion or allocation to a special group of people of a certain gender or persons with other qualities that may cause them to be excluded from participation in business processes. In other words, to avoid prosecution charges, employees and clients should not engage in discrimination or the provision of unequal rights and opportunities. Our laws and policies prohibit a different attitude towards people on the basis of gender or on the basis of other qualities protected by law in relation to conditions, terms, privileges and additional benefits in work. The ban on discrimination and harassment aims to complement and deepen these policies, rather than form the basis for exclusions from them.

Our policy is to provide our clients with equal opportunities without discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information or other characteristics protected by law. We prohibit any such discrimination or harassment.

We are positive about reporting all cases of discrimination or harassment. Our policy provides for prompt and thorough investigation of such complaints. We prohibit prosecution of anyone who reports discrimination or is involved in the investigation of such complaints.

We have a positive attitude towards notifications of all reported cases of discrimination or harassment, regardless of who the offender is and what his or her position is. Persons who believe that they have been the victim of this behavior should discuss issues of concern with our representative right away.