3 Main Components of Health

The better your health, the longer and richer you will be able to live your life. But health is not only a physical aspect when you are in good shape and you have no severe diesases. These are all the consequences and results of the synthesis of all three health components.3 Main Components of Health

So, health consists of three components:

  • physical health;
  • moral health;
  • mental health.

Physical health

It is important to feel strength, energy, muscle tone. To do this, you need to keep your physical health in an optimal state. It is not necessary to become a fanatic in this matter: to engage every day, visit the gym, run every day. It is enough to choose a mode of physical activity that is optimal for you. How to choose? Empirically. Do it gradually: at first, do morning exersices every day, then once a week a running, or visiting a pool. Over time, the body will get used to the loads and will let you know whether they need to increased loads or not.

Most likely, an increase in loads will be required because it is not enough to do sport once a week. But every regimen is individual. For example, I do exercises every day in the morning and 2 times a week I am running with weights or swiming in the pool. In summer, instead of running, I can play football. This was enough for me to increase muscle tone and endurance over the course of 6 months, as well as improve the muscles of the back, chest, shoulders, arms and legs. All this gave me the opportunity to feel more fresh, more energetic on the way of life! By the way, muscle pumping and endurance brought positive results in my personal life!

It also makes sense to do exercises aimed at developing your energy. There are many different methods: as they say, choose what you like. These exercises allow energy to flow inside your body faster. They develop your sensitivity to the energy channels of the body. The speed of energy-information flows in the body increases, which makes it possible to feel better, better understand, more quickly learn new knowledge, skills, abilities.

Moral health

Moral health includes:

  • the adequacy of perception of reality;
  • the adequacy of the course of mental processes;
  • good attitude towards people (charity can also be included here).

Mental health

Mental and moral health are somehow interconnected, complementing each other. Mental health is when a person has a blessed state of mind: he is cheerful, in a good mood, open to new things.

The following can be distinguished as mental health tools:

  • visiting theaters/concerts;
  • watching movies;
  • listening to music;
  • attend seminars/trainings;
  • reading books;
  • travel;
  • hobbies;
  • warm and sincere communication with friends and like-minded people.

That is, the instruments of mental health are such activities with which a person achieves harmony, peace of mind. They help to switch from a working state (intellectual or physical employment) to a state of “intellectual rest”. In this state, intellectual activity takes place in a playful way. Like in childhood, when we played. But the game was just a showcase: the main thing that happened during the game was that we trained, developed, learned new things. The same mechanism is activated, and when we use the tools of mental health.

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